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Majestic DME, LLC

Welcome to Majestic DME! Proudly serving the South Bay

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Award-Winning Product Line 
Majestic DME, LLC utilizes the highest quality products that reflect the latest technology. All of our equipment has physician brand-name recognition and complies with Majestic DME's unique "Life Span" guideline. Majestic DME's "Life Span" guideline is among the most rigorous standards in ensuring reusable equipment is properly phased out. The disciplined approach to inventory management ensures Majestic DME's entire product line is of the highest quality and latest technology.

We are local homecare professionals with over 10 years of combined homecare experience. Proven track record in patient and Physician satisfaction with Majestic DME's "life Span" guidelines.  

On Time, All The Time 
From order placement to order fulfillment, Majestic DME offers the fastest arrival time in the business. We understand that a patient's need for medical equipment is often immediate ad critical. Our flexible delivery structure allows for 24 hr./7 day delivery with order fulfillment occurring in as little as one hour. Majestic DME's primary distribution center is located in the heart of Lomita CA, making delivery to surrounding beach cities fast and efficient.

The Majestic DME Patient Pledge:

  1. With Majestic DME, the patients' needs come first! Matters of billing and paperwork are secondary.

  2. Our knowledgeable, courteous staff provides product education and demonstration to each and every patient to ensure the patients' satisfaction and maximum compliance.

  3. All equipment is properly maintained and serviced according to the Majestic DME service policy which exceeds all manufacturer recommendations.

  4. Majestic DME offers a vast product line to meet the needs of any patient with any lifestyle. The Majestic team members are trained to work with the medical professional in identifying the specific needs of the individual.


We welcome the ILWU

Call: (310) 539-2868

Clinical and Physicians:

At Majestic DME, LLC we understand the need for your patient's attention. Let us be your first source in attending your patient's needs for DME so you can focus on treating and clinical therapy. Let Majestic DME, LLC take care of what we do best and together we will exceed every patient's expectations of your practice. 

Majestic DME is a proud authorized dealer for Drive Medical Products, Aspen Medical Products, Breg Bracing, Philips Respironics, DevilBiss Healthcare, Bird & Cronin, Medline, Compass Health brands, DJO Global, which include over 4,000 medical products.

Or email us at: orders@majesticdme.com 

Hours of operations:

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday

!Se habla Español!

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