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Super Sling Plus Universal

Super Sling Plus Universal


Provides positional support, immobilization, and protection of the arm and shoulder

  • Contoured positioning pillow provides 10º to 15º of abduction from neutral position

  • Thumb loop maintains hand in a neutral position and reduces pouch migration

  • Tag-along foam exercise ball included for physician ordered exercise of hand and forearm

  • Hook closure fastens anywhere on strap allowing length and pouch height to be adjusted

  • Positional shoulder pad for added patient comfort

  • Envelope-style pouch allows patient to exercise forearm without removing entire brace

  • De-rotation strap prevent internal rotation by securely holding the arm in a neutral position

  • Moisture-wicking pouch material and positional shoulder pad for added patient comfort

  • Special Y-design hook tabs allow both straps to be trimmed or fasten at desired length

  • Sling pouch folds outward to allow length to be customized without trimming

  • Hook and loop secures folded material to outside of sling pouch

  • Universal sling pouch does not contain a thumb loop

  • Quick-release buckle on waist strap for easy application and removal

  • Left or right application reduces inventory requirements

  • Measure arm from the elbow crease to the base of the index finger

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