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H.K.O. Knee Orthosis with ROM Hinge

H.K.O. Knee Orthosis with ROM Hinge

68.99 96.99

Designed to stabilize, restrict, and protect the knee

  • Wrap design with anterior closure for easy application and removal

  • Perforated material with finished edges provides breathability and durability

  • Enclosed metal Range-of-Motion hinges are removable

  • Extension and flexion pin stops at 0, 15, 30, 60 and 90 degrees

  • Pins are secured with elastic tethers and protected by flip-top cover

  • Open patella reduces direct pressure on kneecap

  • Open popliteal reduces heat, moisture, and bunching

  • Condyle pads provide additional protection and reduce chafing

  • Loop-and-lock thigh and calf straps prevent brace rotation and migration

  • Available 11" and 16" length

  • Left or right application reduces inventory requirements


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